Mikrotik Bandwith control on ADSL link

I used the MikroTok / RouterOS as my gateway to the Internet. It servers as a PPPoE-client (as my ISP uses PPPoE over ASDL), a router and AP. It does the job perfectly, but with a range of different clients connected, some more "important" that other, and a relatively slow internet-connection, I want to shape and prioritize the the traffic going to and from the internet.

Since the ADSL modem has a small buffer and a tendency to slow everything down when it's full, the MikroTik must never send more than about 95% of the up- and download-speed of my line. After some bandwidth-test I figured out I had a real speed of 5660/563. Using that, I started with the challenge of limiting the data-traffic.

Download artikel here
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